My First Training Plan

Running your first 50 km, 50 mile, or 100 mile ultra? These single purchase plans are for you.

You’ve signed up for your first ultra. Now what?

Our “My First Training Plan” is designed to take you to the finish of the race. These plans are ideal for an athlete who has been running intermittently and has completed one or two shorter distance trail races or even a road half-marathon.

If you’ve got bigger aspirations than just comfortably finishing a race, or your schedule is too complicated for a non-specific training plan, check out our custom training plan option.

50 km or 50 mile plan

Designed for runners new to the ultra-distances and preparing for their first 50, this is a 19-week training plan that prescribes daily workouts specifically designed to maximize performance.

100 km or 100 mile plan

Intended for runners who want a strategy to get through the 100 kilometre or 100 mile distance, this is a 33-week training plan that prescribes daily workouts to maximize performance as well as specific tips and tricks for training and racing these longer distances from physiologist Eric Carter and professional ultra-athlete Gary Robbins.

Squamish50 Training Plan

Are you tackling the Squamish 50 as one of your first forays into an ultra distance? We’ve built custom plans with dates specific for the Squamish 50 and including previously unpublished course specific tips and information. We have 19 week plans for the 50k and 50 mile distance as well as a special 33 week 50/50 training program!