Live Training Plans

Maybe you’re not ready for one-on-one custom coaching but you do want to get on track and start following a plan? Maybe you need a little extra accountability? These are Live Training Plans from Ridgeline Athletics

This strength plan are a way for you to follow along with a group and get needed structure in your training all supervised by professional coaches. It's a service we’ve never offered before but we believe that right now, we all need a steady hand to help make good training decisions. These are efficient training plans for a changing world!

Health and wellness are more important than ever right now and we’re hoping that this program will help you use exercise to manage stress, stay healthy, and build some fitness! There’s lots of free programs out there right now so if you’re fine to search through Instagram and pull up a different workout each day, that’s great! If you want an ongoing, coach maintained and overseen program, then give this a try. It's low commitment and our goal is to make sure you take more value than you pay for.

What are Live Training Plans?

The program will be updated weekly by our coaching team (that's Eric, Gary, Jeanelle, and Ryan). You’ll get specific workouts designed to help you move forward towards the goals of the specific program (see below).

We know full-well that non-custom training plans can let some athletes through the cracks however, we’re in a very unique situation at the moment. We’re all experiencing a reset on our goals and our training. This is a good chance to dial things back and jump on a structured plan that will help you get where you need to be.

How Does it Work?

Sign up for the strength plan below.

As soon as you complete your form, you’ll get invited to setup an account in Training Peaks (it’s free!) and your plan will immediately populate in your training calendar. You’ll be able to use the Training Log function of Training Peaks as well!

You’ll also find a link to our Ridgeline Athletics Facebook group. While Facebook is admittedly something we’re actively trying to avoid at the moment. Our special athletes-only group is a good place to problem-solve training, boost motivation, and connect with fellow athletes and coaches.

Live Strength Plan

We know a lot of athletes have trouble doing the strength training necessary to stay healthy while running. This free plan provides athletes who are already following an endurance training plan with three strength workouts per week that will complement their running.

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What if this plan doesn’t work for me?

If you’ve got a schedule that still doesn’t allow you to follow the Live Plan, you can always upgrade to one of our  Custom Training Plans. We’ll interview you, then build out a plan specific to your goals. If you do sign up for the Live Plan and find it to be insufficient, we’ll credit your subscription up to 50% off a Custom Plan.