Customized Ultra Plans

Not everyone is the same. If want more personalization than our “My First Training Plan” but you aren’t ready to commit to full time coaching, our customized plan option is for you!

This is a single purchase plan for athletes that require a bit more personalization. The “My First Training Plan” programs work great if you have an adaptable schedule and that race is your primary goal but family trips, injuries, additional races, and other events can all complicate a plan. By building a custom designed plan, we ensure that contingencies are prepared for.


After a short questionnaire about your current training and goals, we will have a 45 minute phone consult where your coach will clarify any questions and you will have a chance to ask any of us. Using this information, we will build a 16+ week training program specifically for you. Once you’ve looked it over and asked any questions, we’ll make a final revision before we send you on your way out to hit the trails!

  • $299 cost per plan (tax included)
  • 16 week program (+$35 for each additional three-week block on the initial plan*)
  • Includes account setup.

*Additional blocks must be added to a base plan. On completion of a plan, a new base plan is required.

To get started, fill out our form below. We will reply shortly with our training questionnaire to get you started!