Alpine Athlete Coaching

AlpineFIT is a branch of Ridgeline Athletics focused on Ski Mountaineering and Alpine Climbing. This one-on-on one program uses the same structure as our trail running coaching but is geared towards athletes training and competing in an alpine environment.

Alpine athletes face a unique challenge in training due to schedule, weather, and conditions. Alpine athletes can also find it difficult to develop a strong endurance training plan while maintaining focus on their specific sport.

We’re ready to help you beyond those traditional limitations and prepare you for your next ski mountaineering race, steep ski objective or alpine route.

Eric and Matt are experienced alpine athletes with a formal coaching education who also understand the unique demands of training for ski mountaineering and alpine climbing.

After a detailed goal analysis, you will be provided with a training plan (using the Training Peaks software) that is customized to your schedule and based around seasonal and weather variables.

Cost: $295.00 per month

Athlete Expectations:

  • Complete a training history questionnaire.
  • Maintain an up-to-date training log during the training season.
  • Provide up-to-date email feedback to coaches on training, schedule and races.


  • Training Peaks Account for logging training completed
  • Weekly training plans and post-workout review
  • Unlimited email communication to monitor progress and discuss training concepts
  • Twice monthly phone calls for in-depth analysis and discussion

AlpineFIT Athlete Accomplishments:

  • Multiple Canadian National Ski Mountaineering Champions
  • Alpine Speed Ascents: Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Athabasca, and many more
  • Steep Ski Descents including Cosmiques Couloir, Mt. Joffre North Face, Fitzsimmons North Face and more.
  • Classic Alpine Climbs Including Single Day Ascents of le Tour Ronde NF, Mont Blanc, and Mt. Kitchner’s Grand Central Couloir
  • Top North American Results at Pierra Menta, Mezzalama, Adamello Ski Raid
  • Top results at Ski Mountaineering World Championships

Apply for one-on-one coaching

AlpineFIT spaces are limited. Please fill out the questionnaire below and we will get back to you right away with information about our program.

*The fine print: because it takes a little while to get up to speed and start seeing results, we ask that our athletes join with a six month minimum commitment. We also ask for your first and last month’s fees up front. Coaching fee does not include 7% BC GST.