Coaching Services

Ridgeline Athletics provides all levels of coaching focused on endurance performance development.

From first time trail runners to competitive athletes training for distances of 100 miles or more, Ridgeline Athletics coaching service offers one-on-one coaching, trail running training seminars, and downloadable ultramarathon training plans from 50 km to 100 miles.

For mountain athletes, including ski mountaineers and alpine climbers, our one-on-one coaching or climb specific training plans will help you reach new heights in the mountains!

  • Full Time Coaching

    Our one-on-one individualized coaching service is for athletes of all ability levels who are looking to approach their training from a committed and scientific perspective.

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Customized Training Plans

If want more personalization than our “My First Training Plan” but you aren’t ready to commit to full time coaching, our customized plan option is for you!

Individual Phone Consult

Have some questions on how best to tweak your training? Want insight on preparing for a specific race? Need advice on preparing for an event in the heat or at altitude? Schedule a time to chat on the phone with one of our coaches to answer all your questions!


AlpineFIT is a branch of Ridgeline Athletics focused on Ski Mountaineering and Alpine Climbing. This one-on-on one program uses the same structure as our trail running coaching but is geared towards athletes training and competing in an alpine environment.

Coached Race Previews

We’ve identified a handful of locations throughout the world that are the most exciting locations we have ever seen for trail, mountain, and hut-to-hut running, and we want to share them with you. These are the places that, of all the places we’ve run and raced, we continue to dream about.