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Exercise and immune Function

How does an intense bout of exercise affect our immune system? Can exercising make us more susceptible to viral or bacterial infections? We look into the effects of intense exercise on immune function and infection risk!

What is “Downtime”

I frequently joke that as a coach, I spend most of my time telling athletes NOT to train. One of the most common reasons that we see for injuries and poor performance is overtraining. Competitive athletes are frequently wired to want to achieve more, train harder, and perform better. Unfortunately, increasing training volume does not always translate to improved performance.

Resting HR Monitoring

Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is a great way to monitor overall training load and how you are handling it. With just a few weeks of data, you can start tracking how your body is responding to a change in training or a big build. I used daily RHR measurements to monitor my training during my biggest training blocks in the lead up to the World Cup season.

Key Principles of ultra-distance training

One of our athletes recently posed us a question about training for hundred+ mile events and we wanted to share our answers to shed some light on our training philosophy. Question: What’s more important for ultra-endurance (100+ miler)? Improving VO2 max, lactate/anaerobic threshold (assuming mental aspect, ergonomics and good nutrition are constants)? I’m just curious about your thoughts.

Apps and Maps

This is somewhat a Coastal BC specific post but could still be useful for others. I often get questions about how to find great trails and routes for trail running and ski mountaineering. The true answer is that mostly just exploring and knowing the area is important but it has led me to writing this blog post about the resources that I use while in the mountains.