Squamish Mountain Training Group

The Mountain Training Group (MTG) is a collaboration between Ridgeline Athletics and Squamish Barbell designed to help athletes develop strength and fitness during the week to help achieve their goals in the mountains. It can be incredibly hard staying with a focused and structured training plan but our group environment makes it way easier. We’ll help you stay on track and accountable!

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Our goal is to bring together a group of like minded mountain athletes who will train together in preparation for a strong winter. Baseline experience and fitness don’t matter but it is essential to have a desire to develop as an athlete and try hard in training. To make this possible, we’ve partnered with Squamish Barbell to create the Mountain Training Group (MTG). This program is based on the training we do ourselves and how we guide the athletes we coach.

The MTG is a three month program that will include two coach-led, group sessions per week and one “flex” strength session per week. For the group sessions, one will be in the strength room and one will be outdoors. 

Sessions will be led by coaches Eric Carter and Adam Campbell. Jesse Bifano from Squamish Barbell will be providing strength programming and coaching. Dr. Paul Greenwood will assist with pre-screening for movement and injuries and maintaining a pre-hab plan!

Physical goals of the MTG through the winter season:

  • Establish proficient technique 
  • Develop functional strength including a strong, stable core
  • Build a deeper aerobic base


  • Maximum 14 athletes total
  • Thursday Strength Session - 6:30am - 8am (at Squamish Barbell)
  • Tuesday Aerobic Session - 6:00pm (outdoor training location announced week of)
  • Flex sessions can be completed at Squamish Barbell any time during regularly scheduled Open Gym.
  • First day - January 8th, 2024. Last week - April 8.
  • 39 total sessions over 3 months.
  • Cost: $830 + 5% GST


Questions? Interested but not sure if it's for you? Send us an email and we'll get back to you!

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