About Us

Meet the Coaches

Eric Carter, Gary Robbins, and Jeanelle Hazlett are the coaches behind Ridgeline Athletics.

Ridgeline Athletics was conceived during a ski tour in February 2013. Since then, we’ve grown exponentially to a group of 3 coaches and 25 athletes from around the world, training to compete for everything from 30 minute ski races to 30+ hour ultra-marathons.

Our team has a long history in endurance sport from adventure racing to ski racing, with lots of running in between. The combined experience is one of the greatest strengths for the Ridgeline Athletics team. Nowhere else will you find a coaching team with this level of both formal education and experience in the endurance world. In 2018, we welcomed Jeanelle Hazlett onto the team. We’re excited about the perspective she brings and her experience in strength training is a valuable asset for Ridgeline.

Ridgeline Athletics combines Jeanelle, Eric, and Gary’s experience and passes this on to athletes through one-on-one coaching, downloadable & customized ultramarathon plans, consultations and training seminars.

Gary Robbins

AGE: 41
FROM: Newfoundland
LIVES: North Vancouver, BC

Eric Carter

AGE: 31
FROM: Minnesota
LIVES: Squamish, BC

Jeanelle Hazlett

AGE: 28
FROM: Calgary
LIVES: North Vancouver, BC

Ryan Kerrigan

AGE: 33
FROM: Duxbury, VT
LIVES: Stowe, Vermont

Our Services

Ultramarathon Plans

Our training plans pull from both our expertise in mountain and ultra racing and are designed both for the first time ultra runner as well as those looking to take on a new goal.

Full Time Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching service is for athletes of all ability levels who are looking to approach their training from a committed and scientific perspective.

Training Seminars

One day seminars covering everything from training plan development, race prep and everything in between.